Monadnock Review Publishing Chronology

29 July 2002 — Seven new poems by John Enright

4 January 2002Why Objectivists Don't Read We the Living, a dialogue by Peter Saint-André

24 November 2001If You Have a Niche, Scratch It, an essay by G. Wesley Purdy

13 November 2001Hugo, Rand, and the Purpose of Art, an essay by Peter Saint-André

1 October 2001My Daughter's Face, a series of sonnets by Tom Radcliffe

20 July 2001God Speaks to Each of Us, another Rilke translation by Leonard Cottrell

18 July 2001Anaktoria on the Stoop and Tintoretto's Paradise, poems by G. Wesley Purdy

22 June 2001Why Is John Galt?, a dialogue by Peter Saint-André

17 April 2001 — added information about Willa Cather at Monadnock

16 April 2001 — created the Yevgeny Zamyatin FanSpace

12 April 2001 — updated the Victor Hugo FanSpace

11 April 2001 — added information about Emily Dickinson and Monadnock

9 April 2001The Assumption of Nalantei, a novella by Stephen Marvin

7 April 2001Musical Odyssey #10 by Kurt Keefner

20 December 2000Cobalt, a poem by Peter Saint-André

19 December 2000 — three early poems by Moira Russell: Icarus, Classicism, and Who Ever Loved

25 November 2000Paying for Shade, a poem by Peter Saint-André

24 November 2000Reward, a fable by Tom Radcliffe

8 October 2000The Measure, a poem by Peter Saint-André

4 October 2000 — four more odes of Horace translated by Peter Saint-André: I.26, I.28, III.1, and III.29

27 July 2000July 20th, 2000, a poem by Tom Radcliffe

19 June 2000Jesus in Atlantis, a poem by Peter Saint-André

29 May 2000In the Garden, a poem by Peter Saint-André

16 May 2000Urban Haiku by Peter Saint-André

26 April 2000Poems of Eric S. Raymond

23 April 2000First Call of a Redwing, a poem by Nicholas Dykes

15 April 2000 — updated the Peter Abelard FanSpace

3 April 2000Shakespeare: A Poet for this Earth, an essay by Michelle Fram-Cohen

22 March 2000 — added information about Mark Twain at Monadnock

14 March 2000 — added information about Rudyard Kipling and Monadnock

6 March 2000 — added information about Edwin Arlington Robinson at Monadnock

27 February 2000Waka and Haiku by Mark H. Froemming

26 February 2000 — added information about Abbott Thayer's Monadnock

20 January 2000On a Visit to the Musée Rodin, a poem by Peter Saint-André

31 December 1999Looking up at the Sky, a poem by Peter Saint-André

29 November 1999 — two poems by Erin L. King: Rare Earth Metal and The Rebel Whole

16 November 1999On Reading James Joyce, a poem by Tom Radcliffe

30 October 1999 — added a new section containing what Victor Hugo once described as "the singular expressions we call fables", starting with works by Tom Radcliffe and Leonard Cottrell

13 September 1999 — added information about Thoreau on Monadnock

8 September 1999Reflections on My Father's Life, a poem by Peter Saint-André

24 August 1999The Rational Temper: Brand Blanshard and What Objectivists Can Learn From Him by Scott Ryan

18 August 1999Glenn Gould: Musical Individualist by Peter Saint-André

30 July 1999A Musical Odyssey, essay-reviews by Kurt Keefner

13 July 1999 — Site restructured, with non-Review content moved to

12 July 1999The Paintings of Chen Yifei by Michelle Fram-Cohen

25 June 1999 —Donald Harington: Wry Stories and Word Music from Unexpected Places, an essay by Steve Reed

6 May 1999 —On Mynydd Troed, a poem by Nicholas Dykes

17 April 1999 — two reviews of James P. Hogan's novel Outward Bound, one by Paul Beaird and the other by Peter Saint-André

20 March 1999 — Deliverance, a poem by Moira Russell

16 March 1999 — Medieval Lyrics translated by Leonard Cottrell

13 March 1999 — Steven Mallory: Objectivist Ideal for the Struggling Artist by Alan Tucker

11 March 1999 — A Fictional Review on the History of Sex by Tom Radcliffe

10 March 1999 — the Art Lists moved to Peter's Favorite Art

19 February 1999 — Falconry, The thorn forest, and It is the love god's will: three poetry translations by Leonard Cottrell related to Emperor Frederick II

18 February 1999 — It's easy, a sonnet by Tanya Wendling

17 February 1999 — Artist Shrugged, an essay by Peter Saint-André

14–15 February 1999 — Mariner and Sonnet to the Body, two poems by Moira Russell

9 February 1999 — poems from Italian translated by Leonard Cottrell and poems of Binyamin Halevi translated by Michelle Fram-Cohen

2 February 1999 — I saw the angel in the stone and carved, a sonnet by Tanya Wendling

19 January 1999 — poems of Michelangelo translated by Leonard Cottrell

1 January 1999 — We cannot know it, yet we know it's true, a sonnet by Tanya Wendling

31 December 1998 — Four poems by Peter Saint-André: Editor, Troubadour, No Exit, and The Problem of the One and the Many

22 December 1998 — poems of Saul Tchernikhovski translated by Michelle Fram-Cohen

4 December 1998 — Unter der Linden translated by R.D. Oliver

22 November – 15 December 1998 — poems of Rainer Maria Rilke translated by Leonard Cottrell

9 November 1998 — Foundation, a poem by J. Gregory Wharton

2 November – 15 December 1998 — odes of Horace and fragments of Sappho translated by Peter Saint-André

24 October 1998 — the article AIDS Heresy and the New Bishops added to the James P. Hogan FanSpace

23 October 1998 — a whole bunch of poetry: More Fire, Transference, Thanksgiving, Why Tri, and I Do by John Enright; and Liaison D'Etre and Fond Wish by Peter Saint-André

17 July 1998 — The Joyce Poems: #1 by Roger Donway

7 July 1998 — Roger Donway's poem Abelard to Heloise

27 June 1998 — Karen Minto's poems Thoughts at Night and The Artist's Soul

31 May 1998 — Brett N. Steenbarger's essay The Psychology of the Extraordinary, and Meredith Patterson's poem 24-Hour Help Line

21 May 1998 — Three poems by John Enright: Goddess, Labyrinth, and Lookout Point

19 April 1998 — Meredith Patterson's poem Déjà Interpretation and two poems on death by William H. Stoddard

18 April 1998 — Victor Hugo FanSpace

30 March 1998 — Rick Stinchfield's novel Call of the Holy (updated version on the way!)

6 March 1998 — Caveat Precator, a poem by Meredith Patterson

27 February 1998 — Kay Nolte FanSpace

21 February 1998 — Andrew Marvell FanSpace

26 January 1998 — Peter Abelard FanSpace

18 January 1998 — James P. Hogan FanSpace

30 November 1997 — Joaquín Sorolla, an essay by Peter Saint-André

27 September 1997 — Enrique Granados, an essay by Peter Saint-André

13 September 1997 — Bean Counter, a short story by Ronald E. Merrill

10 August 1997 — John Enright day, with four poems (Anne, What Child, Zero Visibility, and Thorns) and a one-act play (Collision Course)

9 August 1997 — three short stories: The Problem of Other Minds by Harry Dolan, Sudden Ritual by Rachel Astarte Piccione, and Ralph by Michael B. Duff, II

3 August 1997 — Sparring Partner, a short story by Ronald E. Merrill

27 July 1997 — The Art of Friendship and Indivisible, an essay and a poem by Peter Saint-André

22 July 1997 — Poem on My Twenty-Fourth Birthday by Moira Russell

26 June 1997 — The Traveler by H.C. Aubrey

9 June 1997 — two poems: Weight by Rachel Astarte Piccione and Displacement by Bonnie Letitia King

8 June 1997 — Scott Capehart's essay Finding the Inner Game

29 May 1997 — Brother, a short story by Melissa Miles

28 May 1997 — Monadnock Review launched with Ancient Fire and Drought (poems) and The Individualism of the Poet-Musician (essay) by Peter Saint-André