Monadnock Review: A Musical Odyssey

A Musical Odyssey is an irregular email review of music written by Kurt Keefner. These missives from the musical front are archived at the Monadnock Review for your reading pleasure.

  1. The Anguish and Grandeur of Haydn's "Nelson Mass" performed by Trevor Pinnock and the English Concert
  2. The Arctic Splendor of Hedningarna's "Karelia Visa" and "The King's Record Collection: The Original Versions of Songs Later Recorded by Elvis Presley", volume one
  3. The Crystalline Perfection of J.S. Bach's Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord
  4. The Dash and Drama of the Kamkars, Iran's Kurdish musical family
  5. The Afro-Celtic Stylings of Laura Love
  6. The Gorgeous Guitar of Julian Bream
  7. The Unearthly Song of Igor Koshkendey and The Tenores di Bitti
  8. The Magnificent Miniatures of Moondog
  9. The Nostalgia and Romanticism of English String Music
  10. A Long Strange Trip through the Music Collection of Dirk Douglas