Thoughts at Night

by Karen Minto

Seeing you makes me feel poetic all over
Flowing, powerful but agelessly light
As the velvet glow of wine sighs in my throat
Our eyes meet, warmly caressed by the sight.

I am a singer, high upon a shining stage
All around a great sparkling universe
I have no audience but you in the darkness
A presence set to melody, inspiring my verse.

The notes, my heart, I pour for you
Through the air a stream of sweet bright love
Splashing joyously into the crystal goblet of you
The last drop to fall, my kiss, from above.

From a single glass we toast ourselves
With your arms around me, we dance till dawn
Around and around, our cheeks so close
Sending stars in motion with the swirl of my gown.

And my face reflects yours, and yours mine
Our smiles and kisses are one
That spontaneous fire that ignites our souls
Now burning freshly in the sky is a brand new Sun.