Monadnock Review: Essays

Why Objectivists Don't Read We the Living, a dialogue by Peter Saint-André

If You Have a Niche, Scratch It by G. Wesley Purdy

Hugo, Rand, and the Purpose of Art by Peter Saint-André

Why Is John Galt?, a dialogue by Peter Saint-André

Shakespeare: A Poet for this Earth by Michelle Fram-Cohen

The Rational Temper: Brand Blanshard and What Objectivists Can Learn From Him by Scott Ryan

Glenn Gould: Musical Individualist by Peter Saint-André

A Musical Odyssey, essay-reviews by Kurt Keefner

The Paintings of Chen Yifei by Michelle Fram-Cohen

Donald Harington: Wry Stories and Word Music from Unexpected Places by Steve Reed

Steven Mallory: Objectivist Ideal for the Struggling Artist by Alan Tucker

A Fictional Review on the History of Sex by Tom Radcliffe

Artist Shrugged by Peter Saint-André

The Psychology of the Extraordinary by Brett N. Steenbarger

Joaquín Sorolla by Peter Saint-André

The Art of Friendship by Peter Saint-André

Finding the Inner Game by Scott Capehart

Enrique Granados by Peter Saint-André

The Individualism of the Poet-Musician by Peter Saint-André