Monadnock Review: Poems

Poems of John Enright

Poems of Meredith Patterson

Poems of Eric S. Raymond

Poems of Moira Russell

Poems of Peter Saint-André

Sonnets of Tanya Wendling

Abelard to Heloise by Roger Donway

The Joyce Poems: #1 by Roger Donway

First Call of a Redwing by Nicholas Dykes

On Mynydd Troed by Nicholas Dykes

Waka and Haiku by Mark H. Froemming

Displacement by Bonnie Letitia King

Rare Earth Metal by Erin L. King

The Rebel Whole by Erin L. King

The Artist's Soul by Karen Minto

Thoughts at Night by Karen Minto

Weight by Rachel Astarte Piccione

Anaktoria on the Stoop by G. Wesley Purdy

Tintoretto's Paradise by G. Wesley Purdy

My Daughter's Face by Tom Radcliffe (new!)

July 20th, 2000 by Tom Radcliffe

On Reading James Joyce by Tom Radcliffe

Two Poems on Death by William H. Stoddard

Foundation by J. Gregory Wharton