by John Enright

The gelatinous thing on the chair
Gently smiled at me.
Its eyes seemed to say "Yes, I care,
Won't you sit on my knee?"

I gingerly placed my behind
Where its knee should have been.
I tried to sit, only to find
What a mess I was in.

I tried to rise, only to learn
I was stuck to my seat.
I felt my flesh starting to burn
With insidious heat.

I kicked and I clawed at the jelly,
I fought to break out.
I gouged its eyes, elbowed its belly
And chomped on its snout.

The gelatinous thing on the chair
Laughed and swallowed me whole,
In one gulp, without pausing for air,
Took me body and soul.

Now we sit in the chair. We are one.
Won't you sit on our knee?
We care for you. It will be fun.
Just try it and see!